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My Venture to the North Country…

So here I go, heading out to Boonville around 5 pm. Travis will pick me up at the College, we’ll meet up with the racers and hopefully be in Boonville by 9 pm. I’m looking forward to the Parade of Lights tomorrow night and to seeing the dog sled teams. NOT looking forward to the cold and hoping I don’t get bored……

The Friday Night Parade of Lights, Boonville NY 2011

Dog Sled Teams, Boonville, NY 2011

Here’s an arcticle about Boonville and their massive amounts of snowfall:

Boonville: 2nd Snowiest City in America

Wish Me Luck!


Saint Eileen?

Yes, it’s time again for me to be sainted….or so my friends say, as I’m off to Boonville Thursday night to watch my husband’s race team, Clark Motorsports Racing, compete at the Vintage Snowmobile races.

If you’re not aware, and many are not, there is a segment of our population that likes to take 30-year-old snowmobiles, fix ’em up, then race them in a circle on ice, with speeds up to 90 mph….in the cold weather, no less.  I traveled with Bruce for almost the first ten years of our marriage to the races, then gave it up when our eldest son was born. Of course, they weren’t “vintage” sleds back then, just race sleds!

So he’s rekindled his interest in all of this and has a team from the Midwest–two young guys and one, um, not-so-young guy racing for him. No, Bruce doesn’t race, just sponsors the team and oversees it, kind of like a Nascar crew chief/team owner. It’s exciting for him, and I do my best to support him. It’s what he’s always wanted–to own a famous racing team–so why not?

Usually, I stay at home and “tend the fires”, but I did go to a race in Minnesota last year–the guys were great–they set me up with a spot in the trailer, next to the heater, with a window to watch the races, and a chair for me to sit in and sew! They’re the best! That’s where I worked on my “Molly’s Meadow” hand applique! (gotta take advantage of every spare moment!)

Here I am, all bundled up, in Grey Eagle, MN (03/2010)

Think I’ll just drag along a good book this time (and maybe hide a little cross-stitch in the luggage!)

Our friend, Dave, on the right (Eagle River 2010)

Clark Motorsports Racing, 2011

It’s Balmy…….

Well, it’s nearly 30-degrees today, which is a nice change from 19 below on Monday! The snow has stayed around….

The View from the PRW Center, 3rd Floor (my terrace view)

as you can see by the picture from my view of the Campus. Not enough snow to be pretty anymore….just that dirty stuff that hangs around most of the winter in the Finger Lakes. I’d take a good snowfall any day! Remember when we were kids and we’d have like three feet of snow on the ground? or was it just ’cause I was so short???

Bzzzz….Bzzzzz…..Busy as a Bee?

Yes, I’ve been very busy, as always….I’ve made a few new scarves, and I like to think I’m improving!  What do you think?

Kris, wearing "Wild Roses" scarf (black silk, teal wool, colored roving & trims)

My friend, Kris, is modeling…and my friend, Karen, wore it all day yesterday at work, thereby “advertising” for me!  I’m letting everyone know that I’m taking orders for Valentine’s Day!  I love making these but they’re very time-consuming…

I think I can, I think I can, I think…..!

I think I can, I think I can–catch up….I’m still catching up on my blog posts!  Seems my nights get away from me too easily!  One more personal post, then I’ll get back to my projects and how those are coming along….

Bruce was gone from December 29th through January 11th on his trip through the Upper Mid-West, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.  It would be the first New Year’s Eve that we had not been together in 28 years!  We were invited to our friends’ home at Lodi Point on Seneca Lake…..just beautiful there!  A casual get-together with old friends….I asked my mother-in-law, Bertie, (age 84) to go along with me.  At first she was excited to be going somewhere on New Year’s Eve, but then she found every excuse to not go.  I finally called her that day and said “Get your &%# in gear, I’ll be there at 5:45 to pick you up! You’re going!”  She was in shock, I think, but she got ready and had the best time!  My friend, Diane–her mom stays with her at Lodi Point–and the ladies had a great time visiting.  Here’s a picture of the two of them:

Bertie (84) & Pauline (88) - New Year's Eve 2011

Happy Belated New Year, Everyone!


I love, love, love antique samplers! or even antique-looking samplers….I have been embroidering and cross stitching since I was about nine years old. My grandmother, Irene, taught me how, and I’ve loved it ever since. I think I was born in the wrong age….maybe late 19th century would have been more my style. I love antiques as well and anything that may have a story to it–I try to imagine who might have owned the item and what it’s been through….I try to stitch my samplers on antique-dyed fabrics or I dye the fabric myself. This example is one I dyed myself….I also love any samplers that have to do with Colonial times or ships. Here’s the 1797 Ship Sampler that I’ve been working on for awhile. I usually work on two at a time–one more difficult and one that’s a little easier on the eyes and the brain! This is easy on both….

Ship Sampler Started

1797 Ship Sampler

My Latest Endeavor….

So my friend, Tanya, from Moravia gave me a lesson in November in “Nuno” felting….it’s an ancient Japanese method of making fabric. Basically, through many hours of laying wool upon hand-dyed silk, wetting it, drying it, rolling it, rubbing it on bubble wrap with soapy water, throwing it (HARD!) 50X in the kitchen sink, then squaring it off–it becomes a beautiful wearable scarf. I have sold a few and want to sell a lot more. I am sending some off to my friend, Steph, in Iowa and possibly make some to sell in the wineries this summer. What do you all think???

Wool & Felt Scarves

Heavy-weight or Light-weight Scarves

Very Popular! Light-weight Cobweb-style Scarf

This is some of what I did while Bruce was gone…..