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Summer 2010

My husband and dearest friend, Bruce, owns a construction company that does trucking & excavating–he’s been at that for nearly 30 years.  He also owns a vintage snowmobile race team in the Midwest and looks forward to the time  he can get away with his “cronies” and swap stories and even make a few “deals”!  Even though he’s a type A personality most weekdays, he loves being with me out on Seneca Lake in our boat, either just floating along or racing down the lake at 80 mph…….

My eldest son, Brad, is now away at West Virginia University as a sophomore transfer student.  In just a week,he has managed to rub elbows with some Phi Kappa Alpha students, has attended two concerts, started up a flag football team, joined boxing, and started a visual journalism project with someone from the WVU newspaper.  He is very disciplined, very driven, and I’m one of his best fans!

My son, Brad

My son, Travis, is still in high school, a senior this year and is saving me from the empty nest syndrome!  He has worked very hard this summer at a job with a driveway seal-coating business and has moved up the ranks…no longer carrying the buckets, he’s now doing estimates along with the actual work of seal coating.  He’s a hands-on kind of guy, so this is perfect for him.  I’m proud of his dedication to the job and his work ethic….and even though he wants to think he’s a tough guy, he’s still a softie underneath!

My son, Travis


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