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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hoping your day is everything you’re wishing for! We had a “Spend the Day with Someone You Love…Your Co-Workers!” party today at lunch hour–SO MANY DESSERTS! too much food, but oh so good!

I don’t expect much tonight…Travis is working, not sure what’s on Brad’s agenda, and my poor husband has a stomach flu!  As we’ve been together nearly 28 years, we don’t do a lot for Valentine’s Day anymore, just a card for each other and a nice dinner sometime other than a holiday!

It was a very weird weekend…lots of ups and downs! We’re mid-way through the phases of the moon–new moon was February 2nd and full moon is February 18th–so that wasn’t it! (I blame everything weird on the phases of the moon!)

Bruce went to Fulton for a Vintage Snowmobile Show (The Great Whiteout) and boy! was it ever! (They display restored snowmobiles from the 60s, 70s & 80s, sort of like a classic car show).  It snowed so much that he couldn’t keep it off the sleds.  He was a bit disappointed but he came home with lots of trophies! So, all in all, not a bad day, just cold and blustery! (A little bit of UPs and DOWNs)

I went to brunch with an old friend of mine at the local Hilton (an UP for the weekend!)–just as we were sitting there finishing up, an elderly lady drove into the side of my Tahoe SUV, then drove off! Long story short, I ran through the parking lot and down the road and got her license plate number (I couldn’t catch her!). She also hit the only nearby car. The police tracked her down and got insurance information. No one was hurt, fortunately, but it was very interesting! Lost a lot of quilting time that day, dealing with the police and the insurance company.

Nevertheless, I did work the rest of the day trying to finish up my New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt–and spent part of Sunday, too! I had to cut the borders three times because I kept cutting them incorrectly…ugh! (Definitely a DOWN for the weekend!)

I am never too sure when it’s a Mystery Quilt project what it will look like when it’s done, but I think I’m going to like this one. I used all Jo Morton fabrics: gold, red, black, sage green, navy and maroon. It’s going to be a twin-size, so maybe I’ll repaint my quilt room and keep it there; I’ll post pictures later this week.

Bruce had made plans to go snowmobiling on Sunday with some friends, riding just locally on Connecticut Hill (Again, an UP for the weekend!)  He only got about 8 miles and the sled broke, so he was home early (and again, a DOWN for the weekend!)  That was okay, he needed the rest, and he spent most of the day dozing on the couch.  It had been a long week.  That gave me some time to do laundry and work on my quilt.  I also baked cookies for home and for work and made a casserole for the boys.

I spent some time at work last week during my lunch hours cross-stitching my “Houses of Hawk Run Hollow” by Carriage House Samplings. It’s very detailed so it’s easier for me to make those little x’s in the daylight, in my nice spot at the end of the hallway. Here’s a shot of Block 1 and part of Block 2 and what it will look like when it’s completed:

Block 1 & 2, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Completed Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, Carriage House Samplings

Once that’s completed, I’d like to tackle “Shores of Hawk Run Hollow”.  What do you think?

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, Carriage House Samplings


My Venture to the North Country…

So here I go, heading out to Boonville around 5 pm. Travis will pick me up at the College, we’ll meet up with the racers and hopefully be in Boonville by 9 pm. I’m looking forward to the Parade of Lights tomorrow night and to seeing the dog sled teams. NOT looking forward to the cold and hoping I don’t get bored……

The Friday Night Parade of Lights, Boonville NY 2011

Dog Sled Teams, Boonville, NY 2011

Here’s an arcticle about Boonville and their massive amounts of snowfall:

Boonville: 2nd Snowiest City in America

Wish Me Luck!

Saint Eileen?

Yes, it’s time again for me to be sainted….or so my friends say, as I’m off to Boonville Thursday night to watch my husband’s race team, Clark Motorsports Racing, compete at the Vintage Snowmobile races.

If you’re not aware, and many are not, there is a segment of our population that likes to take 30-year-old snowmobiles, fix ’em up, then race them in a circle on ice, with speeds up to 90 mph….in the cold weather, no less.  I traveled with Bruce for almost the first ten years of our marriage to the races, then gave it up when our eldest son was born. Of course, they weren’t “vintage” sleds back then, just race sleds!

So he’s rekindled his interest in all of this and has a team from the Midwest–two young guys and one, um, not-so-young guy racing for him. No, Bruce doesn’t race, just sponsors the team and oversees it, kind of like a Nascar crew chief/team owner. It’s exciting for him, and I do my best to support him. It’s what he’s always wanted–to own a famous racing team–so why not?

Usually, I stay at home and “tend the fires”, but I did go to a race in Minnesota last year–the guys were great–they set me up with a spot in the trailer, next to the heater, with a window to watch the races, and a chair for me to sit in and sew! They’re the best! That’s where I worked on my “Molly’s Meadow” hand applique! (gotta take advantage of every spare moment!)

Here I am, all bundled up, in Grey Eagle, MN (03/2010)

Think I’ll just drag along a good book this time (and maybe hide a little cross-stitch in the luggage!)

Our friend, Dave, on the right (Eagle River 2010)

Clark Motorsports Racing, 2011

The Holiday Seasons were BUSY!

Yes, it was a very busy time….my husband, Bruce, has a vintage snowmobile race team in the upper mid west–three drivers that maintain the snowmobiles as well as drive (about 90 mph around an ice oval track!)  Our driver, Dave, resides in MN; Jared is in MI; and Josh is in WI.  It’s an exciting time….Bruce went to MN in mid-December for a race, then left on the 29th for races in MN & WI.  The Wisconsin race, Derby Track in Eagle River, is the “Daytona” of the snowmobile circuit.  The sleds they race are pretty close to 30 years old or more, thereby “Vintage”.  I don’t always go because (1) it’s a long time to be away (14 days!) (2) I can’t miss that much work (3) I’d miss the boys and (4) I’d rather be home quilting (or doing anything else!)  They ended up receiving four 3rd place finishes and two 4th place finishes–out of over 1000 entries!  I was very very proud of them….I’ll be going to see them race in Boonville NY the end of this month…stay tuned for the results!  Here’s a photo of Dave leading one of the snowmobile races–

Dave Neuman, #54, Clark Motorsports Racing