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Inside These Four Walls……..

empty room

well, actually, my room is not this bad…in fact, most days, I love my room…it’s painted a soft green, holds Gram’s antique furniture and my big newer bed and my crazy quilt…very cozy…but when you’ve spent five straight days in it, it does get a bit tiresome. My surgery on my hand went well, as surgeries go. My doctor fused my thumb joint and repaired my ligament on my trigger ring finger (both on my right hand). I’m expecting to return to work around Halloween….I’m on Pergocet along with some anti-nausea mediine, two extra Advils and Benadryl for the “itchies” I get from the narcotics. The Patocka Men have all been very helpful, and my mother-in-law and several friends have dropped in to help.  I’m afriad I haven’t been very entertaining! just sleeping LOTS!

I’d LOVE to be spending this time doing any kind of sewing or working on my scarves. Maybe by week’s end. Patience, I know.   Ideas are just swirling around in this foggy head!

My Hand, Day Four

Stay tuned…..


When it Rains, it Pours….


yep, this is how I’ve been feeling–just not myself. I don’t know if it’s all the rain (we’ve had six inches this month); is it that summer is over? and that it went way too fast; is it the fact that our Wendy took ill, was hospitalized and had surgery? she’s our rock — she’s not supposed to get sick! or is it my impending hand surgery next week? I just started a different job on campus–it’s going well, just very hectic. Could it be menopause? Seems I’m just angry with everyone…maybe it’s the fibromyalgia or the rheumatoid arthritis–can’t even close my hands in the morning now. Maybe it’s that Bruce has been letting the puppies sleep in our bed recently…and our bed is barely big enough for the two of us! Or, is it just this time of year–when my mom died–it was a very rainy fall day when she was buried. I always get a little weepy this time of the year.

So, what will lift my spirits? I’d like to start walking at night, just a little. I’ve been working on my scarves and practicing quite a bit with hand dyeing the silk. I don’t know what I’ll be able to do once my surgery is complete–I can take up to six weeks off from work but I really want to be back in three weeks or so. My doctor is fusing the bone joint of my right thumb; my thumb will be immobile for six weeks. No quilting or cross stitch for a while…hoping to be able to create some scarves with my left hand! please….make recommendations for any good books or movies–I expect I’ll be a might lazy the next few weeks.

All of the Patocka “men” have been very busy and I don’t see any of them much. Hard to believe that Travis will be 19 in about 5 weeks. How the time has flown…

Bzzzz….Bzzzzz…..Busy as a Bee?

Yes, I’ve been very busy, as always….I’ve made a few new scarves, and I like to think I’m improving!  What do you think?

Kris, wearing "Wild Roses" scarf (black silk, teal wool, colored roving & trims)

My friend, Kris, is modeling…and my friend, Karen, wore it all day yesterday at work, thereby “advertising” for me!  I’m letting everyone know that I’m taking orders for Valentine’s Day!  I love making these but they’re very time-consuming…

My Latest Endeavor….

So my friend, Tanya, from Moravia gave me a lesson in November in “Nuno” felting….it’s an ancient Japanese method of making fabric. Basically, through many hours of laying wool upon hand-dyed silk, wetting it, drying it, rolling it, rubbing it on bubble wrap with soapy water, throwing it (HARD!) 50X in the kitchen sink, then squaring it off–it becomes a beautiful wearable scarf. I have sold a few and want to sell a lot more. I am sending some off to my friend, Steph, in Iowa and possibly make some to sell in the wineries this summer. What do you all think???

Wool & Felt Scarves

Heavy-weight or Light-weight Scarves

Very Popular! Light-weight Cobweb-style Scarf

This is some of what I did while Bruce was gone…..