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When it Rains, it Pours….


yep, this is how I’ve been feeling–just not myself. I don’t know if it’s all the rain (we’ve had six inches this month); is it that summer is over? and that it went way too fast; is it the fact that our Wendy took ill, was hospitalized and had surgery? she’s our rock — she’s not supposed to get sick! or is it my impending hand surgery next week? I just started a different job on campus–it’s going well, just very hectic. Could it be menopause? Seems I’m just angry with everyone…maybe it’s the fibromyalgia or the rheumatoid arthritis–can’t even close my hands in the morning now. Maybe it’s that Bruce has been letting the puppies sleep in our bed recently…and our bed is barely big enough for the two of us! Or, is it just this time of year–when my mom died–it was a very rainy fall day when she was buried. I always get a little weepy this time of the year.

So, what will lift my spirits? I’d like to start walking at night, just a little. I’ve been working on my scarves and practicing quite a bit with hand dyeing the silk. I don’t know what I’ll be able to do once my surgery is complete–I can take up to six weeks off from work but I really want to be back in three weeks or so. My doctor is fusing the bone joint of my right thumb; my thumb will be immobile for six weeks. No quilting or cross stitch for a while…hoping to be able to create some scarves with my left hand! please….make recommendations for any good books or movies–I expect I’ll be a might lazy the next few weeks.

All of the Patocka “men” have been very busy and I don’t see any of them much. Hard to believe that Travis will be 19 in about 5 weeks. How the time has flown…


The Month Flew By…

Well, I can hardly believe that nearly a month has gone by since I posted on this blog. Hope you’re not disappointed in me!Let’s see…what’s happened since then? Well, last weekend, we adopted two–yep, TWO–golden retriever puppies! We went for one and ended up with two (long story)…here’s a picture of Bruce at Seneca Lake on a very rare sunny day!

Bruce with (Cap’n) Morgan (left), Mia (right), and Maddie

They’ve been very good, actually…they sleep from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.  They will run to the door and scratch it to go out–and they’re only 9 weeks old.  I think that’s a good sign.  They spent some time Saturday afternoon by themselves in their crate as we attended my niece’s graduation party here in Horseheads.  My niece, Korryn, along with my brother, Ken and sister-in-law Kathy live in southern Maryland.

Korryn Paige Whited

I start my three-day work week next week…and Travis graduates from high school on Saturday (if he passes Physics!)  Brad will be heading to Florida to visit a friend who”s birthday is the same as his–they both turn 21 this Friday!  I couldn’t believe he would be going away for his 21st birthday but he told me that he hasn’t missed sharing his birthday with Justin since 8th grade….I casually reminded him that I was there at his birth and every year since!

I”m looking forward to getting back to my sewing–I have done a smidge of cross-stitch, and I’ve worked a bit on organizing my stash.  I’ll post more pictures soon.   By this time last year, we had spent a huge amount of time at Seneca Lake.  The rain just won’t go away!  I’m hoping we’ll get up there this weekend.  Bruce’s friend, John, is planning a party for Bruce this Saturday late afternoon…and, of course, Father’s Day is Sunday.   What a busy summer ahead!

Was it Something I Said?

“Dear beautiful Spring weather, I miss you.  Was it something I said?”  ~”Skipper” Kim Corbin

Indeed, did we all say something to make it such a crummy Spring?  Just like the twisters that hit our area in mid-April, the swirling gray clouds seem to be hanging over everyone in my life this spring.  Death and dying–those have been prevalent–friends have lost loved ones, I’ve heard of much sickness everywhere, and just general anxiety and restlessness with everyone, me included. 

a Twister on Seneca Lake, mid-April 2011

I know we all have nothing to complain about, what with all that’s happened in the south, but………..this rainy weather is just really getting to me.  I noticed that I haven’t posted since late February.  I think I’ve been in a slump since then–just very depressed, and it seems that everyone around me is feeling the same way.  Is it the economy?  Is it all the sad news?  Is it the weather?  I”m not certain but I know that most everyone is feeling the same way.

At home, we were all consumed by Brad’s FIRST photography exhibit for college at the end of April.   Every time he rushed into the room at home, it seemed like all the air left the room as he was so agitated.  He’s a real perfectionist, which is wonderful to behold but a little exhausting!  It was overwhelming….but that’s over, and he made us very proud!  I would post the pictures but they’re quite graphic in a gory sort of way.  He’s quite a thinker and there was a lot of depth to the presentation. 

Travis is struggling to finish high school and graduate.  He still succombs to his migraines–and we noticed that his eyelids get droopy–seems he may have “myasthenia gravis”, a neuro-muscular problem.  We’re still working with a neurosurgeon to determine this–she wants to call in specialists from Rochester to take a look at him.  He had an MRI & MRA–the radiologist made note that he has something called “arnold chiari disorder”–something to do with the brain hanging lower into his neck region, which also might be causing his headaches. 

In the meantime, my sister was diagnosed with “mastocytosis”–basically it means her mast cells are allergic to her, and she breaks out in hives.  The strange thing is that both of these–Trav’s disorder and my sister’s disorder–are both autoimmune disorders, not so unusual I guess if you know that I have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic dry eye, also autoimmune disorders.   While all this was sorting itself out, my sister’s former mother-in-law was in a rapid decline from newly diagnosed ovarian cancer, possibly Stage 4.  She had surgery this past Tuesday, which was a nightmare; it did not go well but she’s in ICU in Rochester, and I’m so praying for her recovery. 

the "Malibar VII" at Seneca Lake

A year ago this coming weekend, graduation at Ithaca College, was a glorious weekend at the lake.  I believe, if memory serves me correctly, we had spent most of the April weekends at Seneca Lake.  Not certain what this weekend will bring–perhaps some sunshine on Saturday, but sounds like more rain off and on until next Wednesday….ugh!

Please, please “Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come on Back Another Day!”   I’m going to keep chanting this over and over again….it really wasn’t something I said, was it?