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Busy Holidays, Part Two

So…the week before Christmas, I decided to strip all the wallpaper off my kitchen walls and repaint.  Nuts, you say?  I agree!  But the boys were home, and their friends were home, and I needed the help.  So, a couple of pizzas and a 30-pack of beer later, and the wallpaper was down…and the kitchen was partially painted.

My Son, Travis, Doing a little Painting

The wallpaper had been up for about twelve years, so it was DEFINITELY time….they weren’t as neat as I would have liked…but you can’t be picky when you’re desperate!

My Disaster of a Kitchen!

So we have about 2/3 of the kitchen painted before Christmas.  It was fine….just a low-key day with just us, and Bruce’s family came over later in the day for coffee and dessert.  I thought I would only have my Irish Tree up but finally I was able to get the boys to help me put my small tree up in the living room.  Seems it gets harder every year to get them to help me, but I’m not ready to give up yet.  Next year, I vow to put it up right after Thanksgiving!  No Excuses!  (and no painting…..hee-hee)

So here’s my Irish Tree and the kitchen (the part that’s painted)–just a little touch up is needed–and here’s a cabinet I snagged for $25 plus a can of paint and a bit of hardware from Lowe’s.  I like it in the eating area…kind of going for a sage and black theme, I guess.

My Irish Tree (and, yes, it stays up all year round!)

Painted Kitchen Walls

New (Old) Spoon Carved Eastlake Washstand