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Inside These Four Walls……..

empty room

well, actually, my room is not this bad…in fact, most days, I love my room…it’s painted a soft green, holds Gram’s antique furniture and my big newer bed and my crazy quilt…very cozy…but when you’ve spent five straight days in it, it does get a bit tiresome. My surgery on my hand went well, as surgeries go. My doctor fused my thumb joint and repaired my ligament on my trigger ring finger (both on my right hand). I’m expecting to return to work around Halloween….I’m on Pergocet along with some anti-nausea mediine, two extra Advils and Benadryl for the “itchies” I get from the narcotics. The Patocka Men have all been very helpful, and my mother-in-law and several friends have dropped in to help.  I’m afriad I haven’t been very entertaining! just sleeping LOTS!

I’d LOVE to be spending this time doing any kind of sewing or working on my scarves. Maybe by week’s end. Patience, I know.   Ideas are just swirling around in this foggy head!

My Hand, Day Four

Stay tuned…..


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