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A very busy Sunday for me with all my favorite things:

*Family:  I had a baby shower to attend in the afternoon–it was for my niece, Katie.  It’s her first baby–presumably a boy named Mason.  His dad, John, was a big baby–10 lbs, 11 oz–and so far, Mason is about 1-1/2 lbs. heavier than most babies at this stage in their mommy’s tummies.  Good Luck, Katie!  It was nice to see many of the relatives that I haven’t seen in awhile, even though they nagged me about not making trips up to Waneta Lake, where everyone hangs out!  I promise this year, Bruce and I will make it there more often!  My niece, Amy, was there with her little girls (my great-nieces, good lord!)–Audrey and Hannah.  Just beautiful little girls–made me long for a granddaughter–but not yet!

Katie & John, Myrtle Beach, 2010

*Food: I made a pot of Spanish Rice for Bruce to eat while I was out–knew he’d keep an eye on the pot simmering while napping during watching the Daytona race!  And he did (watched the pot and napped!)….it was a new recipe, and he loved it!

*Florida: I love Florida, love the Daytona race–but would never move there.  I love the changing seasons in the Northeast too much!  And, I just loved it that the rookie, Trevor Bayne, won the Daytona 500!  Isn’t he cute????

Trevor Bayne, 2011 Daytona 500 winner

It was a bittersweet day because it was the 10th anniversary of the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr.–Bruce’s all-time hero.  It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been ten years!

and of course, my favorite, favorite thing!~~

*Fabric: when I got home from the baby shower, I worked on cutting out strips for a quick wall-hanging that I want to do for my kitchen–it’s called, “Neighborly Welcome”.  I’ve always loved log cabin quilts, and I like the “earthy tones” in this quilt.  Here’s a few photos to give you an idea:

Neighborly Welcome, by

Neighborly Welcome, close-up of the colors

Neighborly Welcome, Log Cabin Block

I’m very excited about this quilted wallhanging and I’m anxious to have it completed!  Most of the quilts I make are very involved–pieced and appliqued, usually–so it’s nice to see the results a little faster.  And I found a local long-arm quilter–Laurie’s Long Arm Quilting in Elmira Heights–and I was quite impressed with her work.  I think I’ll have her start with the wall hanging, then move on to the Mystery Quilt, if I’m pleased.

Well, better go start dinner….we’ll talk soon!


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  1. Daytona is fun But.. Nascar lost it’s heart when Dale Sr. died… I really love your color set! Can’t wait to see it completed!


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