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Snowy-Blowy Saturday

Ahhhh…….winter! What a strange weekend! Saturday was very windy….we were supposed to have a Romantic Night out with our friends, heading to Nichols NY for dinner and then off to the casinos nearby! We’ve never been there, Bruce and I, but thought we’d see if we could raise some racing funds (or quilt shop dollars, in my case!)

My friend texted me that they had snow-covered roads and high winds, with the Weather Channel advising no unnecessary travel! Our roads were clear…BUT two hours later *whoa*the snow was blowing sideways and building up fast!

So our plans were canceled….Bruce and I decided to travel out, just far enough locally for dinner, then home. I knew he’d have to get up early in the morning to plow and salt the parking lots (that’s what his business does in the winter months).

Both of the boys were away (can you say q*u*i*e*t?)–Brad at a friend’s house and Travis visiting a friend in Arizona for a week. Lucky me, it gave me plenty of time to quilt!

Here’s my pieced New Year’s Day Mystery Quilt; the pattern is from Janet on If you’ve not seen a mystery quilt, basically, you’re given the directions step-by-step throughout the day with no concept or image as to how this quilt will turn out!

New Year’s Day Mystery Quilt 2011,

The colors (red, gold, black, sage and tan) would not be what I would typically put together, but I kinda like it. We’ll see when it’s all quilted. It’s a twin-size quilt, so I’m not certain where I’ll put it yet.

I used a lot of Jo Morton fabrics (my favorite), including a REALLY old fabric that I’ve had in my stash for a very, very long time, just waiting for the right opportunity to use that lovely rose border! What do you think?

Here’s a close-up of the blocks, basically two easy blocks:

Love those Jo Morton fabrics!

As much as I’m sick of winter, there’s nothing better than having a clean house, a nice hot cup of tea, and time to spend in my quilt room. Ahhhh…..I love this life!


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  1. This is getting a bit more subjective, but still great post.


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