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My Venture to the North Country…

So here I go, heading out to Boonville around 5 pm. Travis will pick me up at the College, we’ll meet up with the racers and hopefully be in Boonville by 9 pm. I’m looking forward to the Parade of Lights tomorrow night and to seeing the dog sled teams. NOT looking forward to the cold and hoping I don’t get bored……

The Friday Night Parade of Lights, Boonville NY 2011

Dog Sled Teams, Boonville, NY 2011

Here’s an arcticle about Boonville and their massive amounts of snowfall:

Boonville: 2nd Snowiest City in America

Wish Me Luck!


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  1. I know everyone is the USA is sick of snow, snow and more snow, but I really miss it! I love living in Australia now but whenever I read about people having ‘snow days’ my heart skips a beat and I wish I were back there in New York in front of a hot fireplace with some hand stitching on my lap. Call me a sentimental sap. And by the way, its 91 degrees outside right now!


    • I’m with you, McKenna. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow! I only get frustrated when it’s cold and overcast and the horizon is just gray and dirty. And days like today when my car doors froze and I had to pour hot water over the locks to unfreeze them! Then climb into the car from the back seat into the driver’s seat because the doors still wouldn’t unlock (grrrrr……) But I love the change of seasons here in New York, and it would be very difficult to leave this area of the country–let alone move to Australia as you have (although I’ve always wished to visit!) Nothing better than some hot soup simmering on the stove, some fresh baked bread on the counter, curled up in my recliner with some hand stitching….and a sappy movie on the television! Forecast for Today: 18-degrees, “feels like 5-degrees”; Today’s high = 20, low = 4…..jealous???


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