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Saint Eileen?

Yes, it’s time again for me to be sainted….or so my friends say, as I’m off to Boonville Thursday night to watch my husband’s race team, Clark Motorsports Racing, compete at the Vintage Snowmobile races.

If you’re not aware, and many are not, there is a segment of our population that likes to take 30-year-old snowmobiles, fix ’em up, then race them in a circle on ice, with speeds up to 90 mph….in the cold weather, no less.  I traveled with Bruce for almost the first ten years of our marriage to the races, then gave it up when our eldest son was born. Of course, they weren’t “vintage” sleds back then, just race sleds!

So he’s rekindled his interest in all of this and has a team from the Midwest–two young guys and one, um, not-so-young guy racing for him. No, Bruce doesn’t race, just sponsors the team and oversees it, kind of like a Nascar crew chief/team owner. It’s exciting for him, and I do my best to support him. It’s what he’s always wanted–to own a famous racing team–so why not?

Usually, I stay at home and “tend the fires”, but I did go to a race in Minnesota last year–the guys were great–they set me up with a spot in the trailer, next to the heater, with a window to watch the races, and a chair for me to sit in and sew! They’re the best! That’s where I worked on my “Molly’s Meadow” hand applique! (gotta take advantage of every spare moment!)

Here I am, all bundled up, in Grey Eagle, MN (03/2010)

Think I’ll just drag along a good book this time (and maybe hide a little cross-stitch in the luggage!)

Our friend, Dave, on the right (Eagle River 2010)

Clark Motorsports Racing, 2011


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  1. Lisa Neuman Newberger

    Eileen, I hope you have a great weekend and bring Clark Motorsports Team good luck in Boonville! Maybe you can keep my mom, Mona, company during the races! Lisa (Dave’s sister)


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