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The Holiday Seasons were BUSY!

Yes, it was a very busy time….my husband, Bruce, has a vintage snowmobile race team in the upper mid west–three drivers that maintain the snowmobiles as well as drive (about 90 mph around an ice oval track!)  Our driver, Dave, resides in MN; Jared is in MI; and Josh is in WI.  It’s an exciting time….Bruce went to MN in mid-December for a race, then left on the 29th for races in MN & WI.  The Wisconsin race, Derby Track in Eagle River, is the “Daytona” of the snowmobile circuit.  The sleds they race are pretty close to 30 years old or more, thereby “Vintage”.  I don’t always go because (1) it’s a long time to be away (14 days!) (2) I can’t miss that much work (3) I’d miss the boys and (4) I’d rather be home quilting (or doing anything else!)  They ended up receiving four 3rd place finishes and two 4th place finishes–out of over 1000 entries!  I was very very proud of them….I’ll be going to see them race in Boonville NY the end of this month…stay tuned for the results!  Here’s a photo of Dave leading one of the snowmobile races–

Dave Neuman, #54, Clark Motorsports Racing


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