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I love, love, love antique samplers! or even antique-looking samplers….I have been embroidering and cross stitching since I was about nine years old. My grandmother, Irene, taught me how, and I’ve loved it ever since. I think I was born in the wrong age….maybe late 19th century would have been more my style. I love antiques as well and anything that may have a story to it–I try to imagine who might have owned the item and what it’s been through….I try to stitch my samplers on antique-dyed fabrics or I dye the fabric myself. This example is one I dyed myself….I also love any samplers that have to do with Colonial times or ships. Here’s the 1797 Ship Sampler that I’ve been working on for awhile. I usually work on two at a time–one more difficult and one that’s a little easier on the eyes and the brain! This is easy on both….

Ship Sampler Started

1797 Ship Sampler


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