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Checking in…a Month Later!


The "Turtle Bridge"

The Turtle Bridge


Well, time has just gotten away from me! Sad to see summer end but glad to get back into a routine.

I’ve been tackling all those tasks at home that have been neglected all summer. Sad to say that my arthritis in my right hand has flared up again, so I made a visit to an orthopedic doctor yesterday. She gave me steroid and lidocaine injections in my hand–one in my ring finger ligament and one in the bone in my thumb joint. Ouch! Hoping this brings some relief so that I can venture out into my gardens once again to do some fall clean-up and get back to sewing!

I’ve been working on my Sweet Pea Manor blocks. I’ll post some photos later this week. I am going to love this quilt! I’m also working to repair the “Holiday Inn” quilt by Jo Morton…I wasn’t happy with the sashing so I’m ripping it out and making it over again. Pictures to follow soon…


A View from the Ithaca College Campus


The leaves have turned here and Fall is in full swing! The trees and the hillsides on campus are just beautiful. The view from my floor at work is just incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be weekdays! These are not my photos…I “borrowed” them from a friend at work. Enjoy!



PRW Center

A view of the PRW Center; I'm on the Top Floor




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